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Busy small business owners ‘need advisers’

There is strong demand for trusted advisers among small business owners, Financial Index Wealth Accountants (Findex) Chief of Adviser Services Michael Wilkins says.

It follows a Self-Managed Super Fund Association report on the small business sector, which shows owners are “time poor”.

This suggests a “pressing need for professional advisers to provide ‘specialised business advice services’ for both their business operations and personal finances”, Mr Wilkins says. “These are usually more intertwined the smaller the business.”

Mr Wilkins says Findex advice businesses are rolling out the family office model – a service traditionally available for only the very wealthy.

“Essentially, this is a structure that provides a comprehensive suite of financial service from under one roof – one stop with a trusted adviser as the key point of contact for relationship management,” he said.

“But the most concerning finding of the report is that four out of 10 business owners surveyed said they do not know who to turn to for advice on improving their business.”

Mr Wilkins says the report also shows business owners are unsure where to turn for professional advice on retirement planning.

“These are precisely the issues the new Findex model is designed to solve – the provision of a range of financial business and personal advice, managed and delivered from a single trusted source in the client’s primary professional adviser.”

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